Atchison Public Library

Inclement Weather Policy


Because the library is a public service institution, every effort is made to maintain regular scheduled hours. The library will be closed only when weather conditions deteriorate, other businesses and agencies are closed, and/or the public is being warned to avoid travel. The closing of local schools will be taken into consideration, but will not be the only determining factor.

The Director will decide when the library should close and notify staff, the public and the Library Board. The public will be notified through social media, the local radio station, our website, and the paper. If the Director is not available, the Library Board President or another Library Board member will make the decision and notification of staff and the public will be facilitated by the Office Manager.

When the library is closed due to weather conditions, the time off from scheduled work will be paid.

If the library is open during inclement weather and a full-time employee calls off work, they must use vacation time not sick leave. If they do not have any vacation time, the time will be unpaid. Part time employees will not be paid for any time they call off if the library is open.


Reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors on ____April 23, 2024. ____