The Meeting Room is located in the lower level of the library. In some cases, the staff break room, the Kansas Room, and the library courtyard may be used as meeting spaces, all of which fall under the guidelines of the Meeting Room policy.

The Atchison Public Library supports the values of the community and the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights which states in part: “Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.” Legal exceptions are listed below.

When not needed for library purposes, the Meeting Room is available to all non-profit groups and locally-owned for-profit businesses at no charge. Other groups may use the room at the rate of $20 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

  1. All meetings must be free and open to the public. Programs that are planned or sponsored by the Library take precedence over programs by outside groups.
  2. Meeting room is reserved on a first come first served basis if it is available and with any advance notice. Recurring meetings are permitted up to a three-month period and may be renewed, depending on availability.
  3. Political campaigning of any kind on library property, including the Meeting Room, is prohibited. K.S.A 25-4569a prohibits the use of public funds and property to expressly advocate for the nomination, election, or defeat of a clearly identified candidate for state or local office.
  4. All meetings must occur during regular library hours of operation, and are contingent on the library being open (e.g., closing due to adverse weather). In such an event, the library will notify the contact person.
  5. All meetings must end at least 15 minutes before closing.
  6. Reservations are not final until library staff confirms the reservation with the contact person in writing. Library staff should be notified as soon as possible if the group must cancel a meeting.
  7. The Meeting Room may be used for occasional worship services, and informational religious programs are acceptable.
  8. No products or services may be sold, except in payment for materials required for the event or program. However, performers with pre-approval will be allowed to sell sound recordings, videos and books related to their performance.
  9. No admission fee, registration fee, donation, or monetary solicitation of any sort may be sought from attendees.
  10. Food and drink (excluding alcoholic beverages) are allowed with permission, and groups are expected to provide their own refreshments, plates, and utensils.
  11. Audiovisual equipment (screen, projector) is available and should be reserved on the meeting room reservation form. The library cannot guarantee equipment will be functional, and users should supply their own laptop and presentation software. Library staff may or may not be available to troubleshoot equipment or software.
  12. Meeting Room users are expected to take primary responsibility for setting up the rooms according to their needs. Library staff may or may not be available to assist. The room must be cleaned and restored to the way in which it was found. Cleaning supplies are stored in a cabinet in the meeting room hallway.
  13. The Atchison Library may not be identified as a sponsor on any event or program other than its own.
  14. Atchison Public Library complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and will defer to the City of Atchison ADA Advisory Board on related matters.
  15. Use of paints, foods, and other materials that have the potential to stain or damage library furniture must be approved by library staff. Groups may be expected to provide their own tablecloths or other protective supplies.
  16. Literature may only be distributed to people attending the meeting and may not be distributed to other patrons of the library.
  17. Impromptu, informal use of the Meeting Room is allowed with permission from library staff.
  18. Neither name nor address of the library may be used as the official address or headquarters of the group or organization.
  19. Youth organizations using the meeting room must have one adult (over 21) present at all times.
  20. Programs must not interfere with regular library operations or cause a disturbance in the Library.
  21. The library is not liable for injuries to individuals or for damages to or the loss of personal or organizational property of groups using the Meeting Room.
  22. The use of tobacco products (including electronic smoking devices), and alcohol is prohibited.
  23. No group or organization using the meeting room will discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or handicapped status.
  24. Library staff must have free access to the Meeting Room at all times. The Library retains the right to monitor all meetings conducted on the premises to ensure compliance with these regulations.
  25. Users of the Meeting Room must abide by all other library policies.

Infringement of any of the regulations stated in this or any other library policy will be grounds for denial of future use of the Meeting Room. Meetings in progress that are observed to be in violation of this policy will be terminated immediately.

Use of the Meeting Room does not constitute Library endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by participants in the programs.

Events and programs sponsored by the Library and Friends of the Atchison Library are exempt from the provisions of this policy. Requests for exemptions to this policy must be made in writing to the Library Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Atchison Library Board of Trustees on August 25, 2014. Review by Atchison City Attorney is pending.